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      Over the centuries, pirates have been portrayed as both admirable rogues n' bloodthirsty devils. Many a tall tale has been told bout thar bold or wicked deeds. This site explores the reality, myth, n' romance of those adventurous souls mainly from the Golden Age of Piracy. Which refers to a time around the late 17th to early 18th centuries. It contains information regardin' pirate facts n' fiction, with biographies of some of the most famous pirates from this era. Ye will also find pages devoted to piracy on the high seas. Their ships, cause what would a pirate be without a pirate ship... Along with pirate flags, weapons, games, treasure, n' some pirate humor. Thar be a movie list in respect of swashbuckler fans, and even a nautical glossary fer all ye feeble minded landlubbers as well.

      The area called Brethren, contains a list of links to other like minded seafarin' n' pirate related websites. Many of these sites were used as sources of information n' inspiration on the subject. Over the years, I've received dozens of e-mail requests from buggers lookin' to buy various pirate items. Since nothin' be sold on this site, at the bottom of Brethren be a section titled Merchants, with links to themed websites that do sell pirate n' nautical plunder.   Buyer Beware!! I have not personally dealt with all of these smugglers sites n' have no control over thar bloody business practices. I be removin' any links to sites that be caught cheatin' ye hearties out of yer hard earned booty.

      Tis also a page bout shanties n' sea songs. Most were the work songs used by the crews of many of the large sailin' ships in the 18th and 19th centuries. Although the majority of these were used after the Golden Age of Piracy, some be based on songs n' melodies of that time period. They have been added to give visitors a sense of life aboard these old sailin' vessels. In contrast, the background music playin' on this website is purely thar to set a tone fer the subject matter, it be more modern n' popular in style. Some tunes may not even be related to piracy. If ye find the embedded background music on this site annoying, than lower yer volume swabbie... if ye can. ARRR!

      WARNING!! This website was not designed as entertainment fer young children n' such. It be made with the help of me crew, who bein' a vile bunch of drunken rogues n' sinful scoundrels, it may contain material that might be offensive to some... but hell were pirates!!    So if ye can't swim with the big sharks, or easily become sea-sick, than ye best stay out of these waters ye guppies... Parents yer children's guidance be mandatory here, else ye be keelhauled n' hung to thy extent of arrr rope!!

    UPDATE: Mar 10, 2019.. Ahoy ye soggy bilge rats! I've added 3 new songs to the Sea Shanties. Plus more content to the piracy and humor pages, along with new songs to play at random on the Brethren page. There are also 12 new pirate biographies. Posted additional pirate games this week. Check back here fer more updates soon. Meanwhile, gather round a keg of rum n' enjoy yer stay. But ye best keep a weather eye open, as thar be treacherous waters ahead. Watch yer step around here matey... least ye meet yer doom.

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