Pirate and Nautical Games

Below be lots of games for all ye sea jackals
to pass the time between pillage and plunder.
Hoist yer colors an give um no quarter matey!

* Archeage - Homepage for this free online game.

* Age of Pirates: Captain Blood - Hack and slash style action based game for the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC.

* Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales - Info and review about this great open world style 2005 PC game.

* Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships - Sequel to Caribbean Tales, an improvement overall.

* Age of Pirates RPG - App is free to download this game.

* Ashes of Angels - A space game where the player can become a trader, smuggler, or pirate.

* Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag - Homepage for one of the best pirate games ever made.

* Assassins Creed: Pirates - A review of this 2013 game developed for Android and Apple Phone users.

* Atlas - Review with trailer on this new open world pirate game.

Aye Captain - A 2023 PC game on steam platform.

Banner of the Maid: The Oriental Pirate - This 2020 game is one in a series.

* Blackwake - A new multi-player online pirate game.

* Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale - An online steam pirate game.

* Blood and Gold: Caribbean - A PC open world pirate game.

* Blue Horizon - About this PC pirate game on steam.

* Braveland Pirate - App download for this 2015 pirate game.

* Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy - A review with info and images of this 2009 PC game.

* Buccaneers - A 2022 pirate game on steam.

* Buccaneers: The New Age of Piracy - A free to play pirate game on steam.

* Captain Bones - A 2022 pirate game released on steam.

Caribbean Legend: Pirate-Open-World RPG - Soon to be released game on steam in 2024.

* Clash of Pirates - Another free game to play online.

* Commander: Conquest of the Americas - Pirate Treasure Chest - A 2011 PC game on steam.

* Corsairs: Black Spot - New pirate game in the works...

Corsairs Legacy - Pirate Action RPG - Soon to be released game on steam in 2024.

* Crown and Cutlass - A 3D pirate game in the spirit of the old Pirates!

Cursed Crew - Cute 2024 game soon to be released on steam.

* Dead Man's Draw - A PC card game of risk and reward.

* East India Company: Pirate Bay - One of several games in a series for this 2009 PC game.

Epic Pirate - A 2022 game released on the steam platform.

Essex: The Whale Hunter - Soon to be released game on steam in 2024.

For Honor: Pirate Hero - This 2022 game is one in a series released on steam.

* Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean - Game released late 2023 on steam.

* Furious Seas - A 2021 VR pirate adventure game.

* Galleon - Another pirate game on steam.

* Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island - A 2009 PC game.

* Hearts of Oak: Conquest of the Seas - Is a 2017 game in using a Mod based off of a POTC PC game.

* Jolly Rover - Review and info on this 2010 PC game.

* King of Sails: Ship Battle - An android app download.

* King of Seas - A 2021 single player RPG game on steam.

* Legend of the Pirates - A free game based on POTC online game.

* Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - A review of this 2011 game.

* The Lost Tavern - Another site dedicated to the original Pirates game.

* Maelstrom - PC action/strategy game.

* Man O' War: Corsair - A review of this 2016 pirate game.

Mosey the Pirate - Light hearted game yet to be released on steam in 2024.

* Naval Action - Homepage for this great looking 2016 PC game.

* Nightmares from the Deep - The Cursed Heart - Hidden object and puzzle solving.

* Of Ships & Scoundrels - Good PC game on steam.

Out of Reach - A 2018 water based survival game on steam.

Out of Reach: Treasure Royale - 2020 sequel to above game with a pirate theme.

* Patrician IV: Gold Edition - A 2010 PC game simulating trading, piracy, politics and also economics

* Pieces of Eight - VR pirate combat and exploration game in development.

* Pieces of Eight - Link to this 2006 board game.

* Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - A 2018 PC pirate game.

* The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt - Pirate game for mobile android.

* The Pirate: Plague of the Dead - A 2017 PC game on steam.

The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend - Coming soon to steam in 2024.

* Pirate Commander - A 2023 game released on steam.

* Pirate Era - A 3d pirate-themed game for mobile devices.

Pirate Hell - A 2014 fast arcade shooter PC game.

* Pirate Hunter - Site with information and screen shots of this good 2003 PC game.

Pirate Island - Pirate themed open world survival game coming soon to steam.

Pirate Island Mini Golf VR - A pirate themed 2020 PC game on steam.

* Pirate Kings - Info on this mobile app game.

* Pirate Loot - A card game of treasure and treachery.

* Pirate 101 - A free to play kid/family friendly online game.

* Pirate Simulator - Homepage for this 2023 game.

* Pirate Store Games - Sells board games like Privateer, and Pirate-opoly.

* Pirate Storm: Death or Glory - A free to play 3D browser based MMORPG.

* Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure - Pirate-themed game for mobile android.

Pirate Treasure - A fun 2022 puzzle game on steam.

* Pirates Ahoy - About current PC style pirate games and upcoming releases.

* Pirates and Traders: Gold! - A turn-based strategy/role-playing game.

Pirates Bay - New game in development appears to be a Sea of Thieves clone.

* Pirates Cove - Days of Wonder - Site about this new board game.

Pirate's Den Renovator - A new 2023 game soon to be released.

* Pirates: Duels on the High Seas - Info on this 2008 game made for the Nintendo DS.

Pirate's Dynasty - Official site for this new 2023 PC game soon to be released.

Pirates Flag - Open-World RPG - A good game app for Andriod, PC.

* Pirates Glory - Free online pirate themed game.

Pirates Journey - New 2024 PC game soon to be released on steam.

* Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat - A 2002 release for the Xbox and PS2.

* Pirate's Life: Rum & Riches - A 2015 PC game on steam.

* Pirates of Everseas - App is free to download this game.

* Pirates of the Black Cove - A pirate themed 2011, real-time strategy game for PC play.

* Pirates of the Burning Sea - Homepage for this long awaited pirate PC game.

* Pirates of the Caribbean - Information on this good 2003 game.

* Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow - A review on this 2006 game.

* Pirates of the Polygon Sea - A free online pirate game.

* Pirates Outlaws - A 2019 card battle, turn-based pirate themed game.

* Pirates: Showdown - App is free to download this game.

Pirates Solitaire - A 2022 card game on steam.

* Pirates: Tides of Fortune - Free online multi-player pirate game.

Pirates VR: Jolly Roger - A review of this new 2023 game soon to be released.

* Port Hidalgo - Live action RPG set in the Caribbean during the "Golden Age of Piracy".

* Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants - A site for this PC and Xbox360 game.

* Port Royale 4 - Newest version of this title released in 2020.

* Puzzle Pirates - A free online adventure.

* Rebel Galaxy - Sci Fi swashbucklers in space.

* Redhook's Revenge - Pirate Educational board game.

Republic of Pirates - Good looking pirate game coming soon in 2024 on steam.

Rise of Piracy - New 2024 pirate game coming soon on steam.

* Risen 3: Titan Lords - All about this nice looking 2014 PC/PS3/Xbox360 game.

Rum & Gun - An fast paced 2020 action shooter PC game.

Sail - An open world multi-player 2022 game.

Sail Forth - Sweet 2023 pirate game on the steam platform.

Salt - A 2018 open world game on steam.

Salt 2: Shores of Gold - 2022 sequel open world game.

Save the Pirate: Ice Age - Fun 2021 pirate game on steam.

Save the Pirate: Love Happens - Sequel 2021 pirate game on steam.

Save the Pirate: Sea Story - Another fun PC game in the series.

Save the Pirate: Tribal Legacy - Yet Another 2021 PC game in the series.

* Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - A review of this 2012 open world pirate game.

* Seafight - Another free online pirate game.

* Sea of Thieves - Site for this new Xbox One/Windows10 game.

* Seas of Fortune - All about this new pirate game.

* The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - A review of this updated classic PC game.

7th Sea: A Pirates Pact - An interactive 2018 pirate PC game.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew - Good 2023 pirate game on steam.

* Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - A 2015 game on steam. The third in the Shantae series.

* Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates - A 2022 android app download.

* Sid Meier's Pirates - Classic pirate game. Fun for both young and old pirates.

* The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles - Review for this good-looking PC game.

* Sink Agian - Online pirate themed steam game.

Skull & Bones - Official site for this long awaited game.

Stowaway - A 2020 multi-player PC game on steam.

Sunkenland - Interesting 2023 water based survival game on steam.

* Tales of Monkey Island - A 2009 graphic adventure video game, the fifth game in the Monkey Island series.

* Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Premium - A game for mobile, PC, & PS4.

Tempest: Pirate City - This 2019 PC game is one in a series.

* Tide of Thieves - 2023 game released on steam.

* Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale - A review of this new pirate game just released in Jan 2023.

* Tortuga: Pirates of the New World - This 2003 PC game was also called Pirate Hunter in the US.

* Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon - Info and review on this 2002 Disney PC game.

* Tropico 2: Pirate Cove - A 2003 PC game.

Tropico 4: Pirate Heaven - Nice 2012 PC game exclusive to steam.

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail - A 2021 tactical naval warfare online game.

Ultimate Pirates - A free to play online game.

Uncharted Tides: Port Royal - A good 2019 PC game on PC, mobile, & most consoles.

Uncharted Waters Origin - 2023 PC game on steam.

* Vendetta: Curse of Ravens Cry - RPG adventure game set in the 17th century Caribbean.

Wartales: Pirates of Belerion - A 2023 PC game on steam.

* Wooden Ships and Plastic Men - All the info you need to create and play this old nautical game.

* Windward - A review of this 2015 PC game.

* Woody Two-Legs: Attack of the Zombie Pirates - A casual score chasing arcade shooter for PC.

* Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure - A 2007 Nintendo Wii game.

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Chess Match

Forty Thieves Solitaire

Mysterious Pirate Jewels

Pirate Bubbles

Pirate Hangman

Pirate Jewel Colapse

Pirate Klondike

Pirate Treasure

Pirates and Treasures

Sea Tower Solitaire

Titanic's Hidden Mystery

Treasures of Atlantis

Treasure Chests

Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale - Game Trailer Video

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